- About the Program

The Florida International University Upward Bound Program Program is designed for students with academic potential who need additional preparation and motivation to succeed in high school and later, in college. The program provides on-going academic preparation, counseling, and enrichment activities. Students may participate in the program from the time they are enrolled in the spring of eighth grade until they enter their first year of college.

Sponsored by US Department of Education TRIO programs, the Upward Bound Program began in the fall of 1995 at FIU. Upward Bound is one of several programs developed to motivate high school students to pursue a college education. Upward Bound is presently funded to serve 76 students.

- Academic Year

During the academic year, supportive instructional workshops in the areas of advanced mathematics, general mathematics, science, English, reading, writing, and social science are offered one to two days per week after school and on two Saturdays per month. Tutorial assistance in these academic courses is provided to aid the students in meeting the demands of their high school subjects and to prepare them for college entrance exams. In addition to academic tutoring and ACT/SAT Prep, Saturday sessions include life-skills workshops that explore and reinforce the correct choices that lead to college. Through its counseling program, Upward Bound assists students with goal-setting, decision making, career planning, academic testing, college applications, scholarship information, and financial aid opportunities so that students’ desire to attend college becomes a reality.

- Summer Residential Program

During the summer a five week residential program is offered, designed to simulate the experience of attending college. The summer program focuses on academics and counseling activities. The instructional program allows for students to take academic courses in the areas of English, mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and Spanish. Academic classes are supplemented by study halls, and individual and group tutoring. Other activities include fine arts, sports, field trips, and group activities. Additionally, the high school juniors of the program may take college level courses for credit.

Eligibility to participate in the program is determined individually. However, each applicant must meet basic eligibility requirements set forth by the federal government, that call for neither parent to have a four-year college degree, and family’s income level verification. To initiate the process, students need to complete an application that requires them to write an essay, seek letters of recommendation, and submit academic records showing potential for college. Parents will also complete sections of the application.

Florida International University’s Upward Bound Program is dedicated to serving disadvantaged students.